Typeguy Design is a combination of great design and solid production skills. Using our experience, we can produce creative identities that portray a unique brand message. We have many years of experience in the advertising and branding industries. We've worked on many national accounts from Honda to Yamaha, Mazda to Starbucks, and more.

Robert started working as a graphic artist in the mid-eighties. He worked for many agencies in the Los Angeles area as a freelancer. He has had the opportunity to work with many award-winning Art Directors. Most of his typographic skills were acquired prior to the advent of the Mac. While hand kerning and colouring typositor strips, he acquired a great eye for proportion. He managed the studio at Kresser/Craig from 1990-92 where he introduced kern pairs for the Mac. He then moved to Seattle to apprentice with Bruce Hale. Robert has worked at many major agencies including Scali/McCabe/Sloves, Foote/Cone/Belding, Rubin/Postaer, Kresser/Craig, Wieden & Kennedy, Cole & Weber, Wong/Doody, Livingston, The Evans Group, Hornall Anderson Design, The Leonhardt Group and many others. He now runs Typeguy Design, doing everything from type design and logo identities to kern pairs and digital illustration.

Bruce Hale started as a sign painter in the Pacific Northwest. After a few years, Bruce entered the commercial design industry. He brought his typographic skills to a new level, forging the unique style that he has today. He is a world class Graphic Designer, an Industrial Designer, a Type Designer and a wonderful Calligrapher. He also works to develop packaging for new product lines. His major projects include corporate identities and store-front design, as well as working with architects on interior design. He has many major national clients such as: Eddie Bauer, Starbucks, The Seattle Symphony, Brittania Jeans, Pyramid Breweries and The Bon Marché, just to mention a few. Bruce Hale is a traditional designer with extraordinary skills.

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